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I can't thank you enough for your interest in iMeshh. I freaking love 3D, Archviz and generally love helping people! I hope you can learn something today <3 

Searching for free 3d models and paid 3d models can be a real struggle when trying to sift through all the wide range of 3D models websites. Especially when you’re looking for many quality models.

All sites have their own individual pros and cons but I guarantee you’ll create an account with at least one of these after reading about them.

Because we too sell our own Blender 3d models, we thought we might have an good idea of where to get good models and we will try to help out the community.


It goes without saying that if you’re a Blender artist you’ve probably heard of Blendermarket. They are the leading marketplace for everything dedicated to downloading Blender models, addons, materials, scripts and just about everything you can think of.

They have incredibly large collections of just about everything you could want. Not only that, but they allow their users to directly contribute part of their sales to the Blender foundation fund. They have raised ridiculous amounts of money for Blender to keep it running.

Now this site is totally open to the public so you might end up downloading some lower quality models but their rating system is very good and makes it easy to identify what is good or not. Plus, if you ever have a problem usually the sellers are more than willing to help and support you.

Blendermarket is a must have for all Blender artists. If you are taking Blender seriously wager that you will buy something from that website eventually.


Okay, so we might be a bit biased but we have spent the last 4-5 years creating one of the few blender model libraries which focuses specifically on Archviz assets, so we thought it would be silly not to mention ourselves.

The iMeshh store has curated 1300 (at the time of writing this) assets for Blender and all done in-house. So this means you know that everything you download has been quality checked by one group and not countless independent designers. And not only that, if there are problems you can speak with the creators directly who will help you out immediately.

Plus the offer is too ridiculous to miss and one of the best offers you’ll find for a Blender furniture models library for archviz. You can subscribe for the year and get full access to the library to download anything you want… for only $99!! Equivalent to $8.25 per month

Lastly, iMeshh has a very helpful YouTube Channel dedicated to helping the community understand, learn and improve your own archviz skills in Blender.

Check out iMeshh if you have not already, or give iMeshh a search on YouTube to learn how you can improve you archviz skills. We also have a place to download a few free blender models on our website and also now on our blogsite.


3DSky has a platform where artists can upload 3D models, mainly focused around furniture 3D models. 3DSky however is a site which only sells 3ds max models. So why have I put it onto the blender models list? Well, quite frankly their models have set the standard for what you should use when doing interior archviz scenes.

You will be hard pressed to find better archviz furniture models which are better. Also, their upload requirements are very strict and they will reject anyone if their models are not up to par. Of course you can find some low quality models on their, but the vast majority are incredibly good.

The price point too is also incredibly good. Each model sells for $7. Yes every single model is exactly $7. The same models could be on CGTrader for $20-50. Still it could be expensive to buy a lot of them but in the world of 3D models it is very competative.

So yeah, why is it in the Blender list? Well, every model they sell also comes with an FBX or obj so you can technically import them to Blender and convert it to a blend model, and reuse all their textures. But this should only be done by someone who is good with materials and textures, and if you can… boy you’re in for a treat!

Lets not forget to mention their absolute vast selection of free 3d models available with obj fbx formats so you can transfer them over to .blend. Their free selection is often questionable with quality but maybe they can help you complete your projects

In the end if you are able to convert them well over to Blender models, you will not be disappointed.


The big dog on the block. They have currently.. wait.. almost 1.4million 3d models on their website for everything from Blend files to 3ds max, to just about any other format you can want.

CGTrader has been around for an incredibly long time and have built a reputation for being a one-stop shop. So if you want to find a very specific 3d model, then you’re pretty much guaranteed to find it o there.

The issue we have with CGTrader is that it is so absolutely vast. This makes it very hard to sift through all the 3D models to try and determine which are quality models and which are not. And because it is so large, the chances of the specific model you have found having a lot of reviews is very slim. You may end up going to purchase and then only to find it is not at all what you expected.

CGTrader is an incredible source of 3d models but just be careful when browsing and try to find reputable sellers instead of going specifically for the models themselves. This could help you a lot more.


Okay if we just mentioned CGTrader then we would be silly not to also mention Turbosquid.

They too have over 1million 3D models for virtually all projects you could imagine. They have multiple versions of just about every asset you could think of and also have a regular sale.

From our experience Turbosquid is a bit more expensive due to their slightly higher commission rate, charging their sellers more per sale. We also found basically identical models on both platforms, because lets be real if you’re selling on Turbosquid you’re probably also selling on CGTrader. Both of these websites will allow you to complete just about any project and have a huge community behind them.

The Turbosquid library is, like CGTrader, unthinkably huge and i recommend checking them out to see what weird and wonderful asset you can find! It is also very easy to create an account and start selling.


A relatively new kid on the block but has to be mentioned. They created a very cool community around their marketplace and allow users from all over to upload and sell their 3D models. Due to the very nature of Blender users, you will find a bunch of free 3d models which users have uploaded with the goodness of their own hearts.

They have a very cool site and it works very well and functions inside Blender beautifully. They have models for just about every category and a lot of very unique things you’d never think of but amazing nevertheless.

Their price range is also a very competitive price per month which is great for freelancers or hobbiests


In the Blender Scene, Chocofur has been around for one of the longest times out of all Blender stores. They were one of the very first (if not the first?) for Blender archvis models and very quickly set the standard for what you should expect. They have an absolutely stunning website and their little mascot is the cutest

Not only that they have one of the biggest helpful blogs and YouTube channels around to help you with Blender and definitely a must visit if you’re looking for some quality 3d models.

They sell very similar types of models to ourselves and we just wanted to say that what they have built is incredible and we love everything they do. Amazing work :). If you’re reading this be sure to check out their amazing freebie library.


Okay so they do not sell 3D models but we use them regularly as a source of Blender blogs and articles and we wanted to give them a special shout-out.

They regularly post helpful blogs which also include a bunch of free blender goodies, such as free textures etc.

So if you want some news, free blender models or want to learn something new then check them out!

So where do you get blender 3d models?

I hope that this list has satisfied your curiosity for starting out with Blender and getting a good idea of where to get models.

Most of these sites are easy to create an account and start downloading free assets immediately over various file formats like blend, fbx obj, 3ds, dae, stl and more.

All 3D artists will benefit and make use of at least one or multiple of these websites during their career. I can say that since starting out myself I have used every single one of these at some point for an archviz creation.

If you would like to find out more about our own 3D model library then do check out our homepage over at https://www.imeshh.com

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